We offer the only experiences and the last thing in sport as the Flyboard, the sport that has revolutionized the world, fly as a bird! and to amuse yourself with the exciting aquatic activities in professionals' hand and with total safety, between family and friends.

There are other sports that you can take part in while in the city...FC Barcelona is Barcelona's resident football team- Visit Camp Nou, the largest football stadium in Europe with a capacity of 98,972 people.You will be able to do WATERSKIING, WAKEBOARD, SOFA, DONUT OR THE BANANA, Special activities for groups and companies, or to enjoy the coast to a bord an exclusive yacht or sailboat in the most intimate company, everything ist posible, with Everything Barcelona Sports!

Banana Enjoys an enterteining and refreshing activity two steps from the center of Barcelona (Port ..
Boat without License
Boat without License It is a magnificent opportunity to live through an experience entertained o..
Chickenboat Beastly!! Amuse yourself to ceiling with your friends in this rapid ship of 450CV of po..
Crazy Sofa
Crazy Sofa He enjoys to ceiling the speed of the Crazy Sofa. An excellent way of beginning in the s..
Flyboard Fly as a bird, at all as a dolphin!! He enjoys the new fashionable sport from the Port Oli..
Flyfish Dare to prove the Flyfish!! It is a question of the inflatable one with capacity for 6 pers..
GoCar FC Barcelona Special
GoCar FC Barcelona Special you like sport, football, history or culture, this visit is not to b..
Hoverboard INNOVATION!! It proves the last thing in water sports, in the Port Olimpic of Barcelona...
Jet Ski
Jet Ski Have fun in the sun as you zoom through the Mediterranean Sea at breathtaking speed! Our e..
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