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Tour Sea Party Pack


Special packaging Barchelor Party " or "Birthday". You will have a sailboat 2,5 hours (1 2 sailboats depending on the number of persons), time during which you will be able to bath, to enjoy the navigation to candle, and to do a shift of Banana of 15minutos for all.

Also it will put on your disposition a Flyboard or Hoverboard during 30minutos (1 2 persons will be able to enjoy this time). Included in the price boss for the sailboat, as well as monitors for the Banana and the Flyboard or Hoverboard.


2,5 hours activity

Guide / instructor / monitor / boss, Jacket, neoprene,Combustible Incuye and boss of the ship ,fuel, VAT: It includes everything necessary for the development and correct enjoyment of the activity


  • Available the activity: March- October
  • Time of the Activity. 11h- 18h / 20h According to the season.

Tour Sea Party Capacity:

Min Pax Max Pax
2,5h 7 11 64
2,5h 12 20 59


- Cancellations with a minimum of 15 calendar days of anticipation one will reimburse 100 % of the amount of the activity (except costs of reservation) - Cancellations with a minimum 7 calendar days of anticipation one will reimburse 50 % of the amount of the activity (except costs of reservation) - With less than 7 calendar days of anticipation reimbursement will not take place. - In case of badly time the day of the activity, one offers to the client the possibility of changing the date of the activity (inside the availability of Corsican Science of navigation SL), or the reimbursement of the money (except costs of reservation). It is considered " badly time " to the constant rain or wind of superior force to 5 (Beaufort scale). Of all forms if you have a client who does not warn you with the sufficient time for the partial or total return,


Port Ol mpic, Moll de Marina 9

08005 Barcelona, Espa a

Metro- Ciutadella y Vila Ol mpica (L4) / Bus l neas 36, 41, 71, 92, H16 y V21

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